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Mark Casto & Randy Hiatt Share

Mar 8, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

Mark Cas­to was hired on Jan­u­ary 16th, 2018, and Randy Hiatt, who has a twelve-year his­to­ry of work­ing for the City of Mar­i­on, was hired back on in August, 2017. Both employ­ees are full-time Labor­ers for the City­wide Main­te­nance Depart­ment. Labor­ers typ­i­cal­ly plow snow, patch roads, remove trees & limbs, han­dle leaf pick­up, and more. City­wide Main­te­nance recent­ly took on the full respon­si­bil­i­ty of main­tain­ing the City’s park sys­tem, and Mark and Randy have been assigned to spe­cial projects with­in the parks in addi­tion to their main duties.

City­wide Main­te­nance Super­in­ten­dent James Loftis expressed grat­i­tude when talk­ing about their work thus far, which he explained has real­ly made the days eas­i­er since being able to hire more help for his bare workforce. 

Mark & Randy have stepped up beyond nor­mal expec­ta­tions of the job, and they share my vision for this com­mu­ni­ty,” said Loftis. 

The small team metic­u­lous­ly worked to dis­cov­er safe­ty haz­ards and aes­thet­ic needs for the Mis­sissinewa River­walk, and rec­ti­fied many of the issues mind­ful of the approach­ing spring sea­son and upcom­ing revamp of its wayfind­ing sig­nage. They have also been repair­ing recre­ation­al equip­ment such as bas­ket­ball goals while improv­ing the land­scap­ing of Charles Mill Park and 28th Street Park, as well as com­plet­ing main­te­nance projects at the Splash House. 

I appre­ci­ate their atten­tion to detail, self-start­ing nature, and pos­i­tiv­i­ty in tack­ling assign­ments each day. I’m thank­ful for hav­ing a good group of guys. It gives me some peace of mind,” said Loftis.

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