Mark Casto & Randy Hiatt Share

Mar 8, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

Mark Casto was hired on January 16th, 2018, and Randy Hiatt, who has a twelve-year history of working for the City of Marion, was hired back on in August, 2017. Both employees are full-time Laborers for the Citywide Maintenance Department. Laborers typically plow snow, patch roads, remove trees & limbs, handle leaf pickup, and more. Citywide Maintenance recently took on the full responsibility of maintaining the City’s park system, and Mark and Randy have been assigned to special projects within the parks in addition to their main duties.

Citywide Maintenance Superintendent James Loftis expressed gratitude when talking about their work thus far, which he explained has really made the days easier since being able to hire more help for his bare workforce. 

Mark & Randy have stepped up beyond normal expectations of the job, and they share my vision for this community,” said Loftis. 

The small team meticulously worked to discover safety hazards and aesthetic needs for the Mississinewa Riverwalk, and rectified many of the issues mindful of the approaching spring season and upcoming revamp of its wayfinding signage. They have also been repairing recreational equipment such as basketball goals while improving the landscaping of Charles Mill Park and 28th Street Park, as well as completing maintenance projects at the Splash House. 

I appreciate their attention to detail, self-starting nature, and positivity in tackling assignments each day. I’m thankful for having a good group of guys. It gives me some peace of mind,” said Loftis.

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