Doug Darga Share

Jul 3, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

Doug Darga joined the City of Marion in February of 2007. Darga is the Director of the Gardens of Matter Park. He works efficiently all year round with a very small employed team, but has the support of many devoted volunteers.

Doug does an outstanding job of overseeing the Gardens of Matter Park. He has been instrumental in making the Gardens a Proven Winners® Signature Garden…one of the few gardens in the world to receive this award. The passion and commitment he brings to his work are greatly appreciated.” – Mayor Jess Alumbaugh

He steps up every day and wears many hats in our Parks Dept. He is very reliable and works hard to help create a better quality of life for Marion residents and anyone who may experience the Gardens of Matter Park.” – Rose Cadena, Office Manager, Parks & Recreation

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