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Storm Water Contacts

Storm Water Contacts

Department of City Engineering:

The City Engineering Department addresses surface water quality concerns. If you observe any type of unusual characteristics (such as color, odor, oil sheen, or dying aquatic life) in local waterway or any type of suspicious activity (such as RV discharging to a manhole, dumping drums into waterways, or a discharge from pipe during dry weather) contact the City Engineering Department immediately.

Sewer Maintenance Department:

Contact the Sewer Maintenance Department for concerns about storm water drainage problems, acquiring drainage permits for new construction, and issues regarding connections to The City of Marion sewer system. The Sewer Maintenance Department responds to all calls regarding sewer back-ups into homes, business and streets caused by problems in the City sewer system.

Grant County Health Department:

Contact the Grant County Health Department for all questions about problems with septic tanks.

Grant County Soil and Water Conservation District:
(765) 668-8983 ext. 3

The Grant County Soil and Water Conservation District administers a number of programs that provide assistance to the agricultural community for the purpose of soil conservation and the improvement of water quality.

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