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Welcome to the Combined Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Management Website

The mission of Marion's Stormwater Management program is to develop, implement, operate and equitably fund the acquisition, construction, operation, maintenance and regulation of stormwater collection and drainage systems and activities within the City including improvements to the City's existing combined sewers.

The program shall safely and efficiently control stormwater run-off, enhance public health and safety, protect lives and property, facilitate mobility and enable access to homes and businesses throughout the community during storms. The program shall also control the discharge of pollutants contained in stormwater to receiving waters in order to enhance the natural resources of the community.

The Mississinewa River and its tributaries are one of Marion's most valuable resources. The protection and enhancement of this resource will improve the quality of life for Marion's citizens and assist in attracting new businesses, jobs and residents to our community.

We encourage you to review the City's stormwater website to learn more about the City's efforts to address our wet weather challenges. The city will be periodically updating and expanding the information contained on this website, so please check back from time to time.

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