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City Court

The Clerk's Office provides the following services for the City Court:

Dockets and sets court dates for all misdemeanors, infraction and ordinance violations filed in the court. We receive payment for misdemeanors, traffic tickets, ordinance violations, and the return of city court bond money.

City Court meets:

-Every Monday at 2:30pm for arraignments;
-Twice a month at 10:00am for pre-trial hearings;
-Every Thursday at 1:30pm for arraignments;
-Every Thursday at 2:00pm for trials;
-Every Thursday at 3:00pm for battery trials.

City Court Judge: Jason McVicker
Probation Officer: Brent Harshman
Probation Secretary: Marilyn Runyan, 765-668-4426

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.


Kathleen Kiley, City Clerk: 765-668-4423
Debra Goodman, 1st Deputy: 765-668-4424
Vicki Burns, 2nd Deputy: 765-668-4425

*The City Clerk's Office does not handle matters pertaining to marriage, divorce, child support, nor property taxes. For these matters and more, call the Grant County Government Office at 765-668-8871, or visit

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