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IWU Football Players and Coaches Help Spruce Up Downtown

A significant area of Downtown Marion is much cleaner and attractive, thanks to Indiana Wesleyan University’s new football team. 65 players and 15 coaches, 80 in all, painted curbs, pulled weeds, and picked up debris around the Courthouse Square and several surrounding blocks. The specific project was identified and directed by Citywide Maintenance Director, James Loftis.

“Their initiation and devotion to this project saved me at least 40 hours of man hours, and that’s especially important since this department is under-staffed. A million thanks go out to the football team and coaches. They were a huge help,” said Loftis.

IWU’s Head Football Coach Jordan Langs explained as they build their football program, it is important that they demonstrate to the players the value of serving others. “We try and teach our kids that in order to make an impact in your community or in the lives of people in general, people must matter to you. We want to constantly live inside our best every single day, whether that is on the football field or in the community. The service project this weekend was our first attempt to show the people of Marion and Grant County that they are important to us. The potential impact of this Football program is huge, and we want to make sure that the people of Grant County feel included in the building a foundation of excellence for IWU Football. We look forward to serving as many people as we can in Grant County, but also for the residents to get to know our players on a personal level.”

This and many other IWU community projects are the result of an engagement plan with the United Way of Grant County under the direction of Alicia Hazelwood. Last Thursday, the boys and girls golf teams assisted with cleanup and event preparation in the Gardens of Matter Park. Over the spring, the girls soccer team helped with cleanup of Matter Park. Hazelwood said a community engagement plan is in the works for the baseball team.

The university is also preparing for their annual “97 Acts of Kindness,” an orientation and community projects program for incoming freshmen, which will take place this Friday.

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