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Marion Police Officer Charles O'Haver Retires After 20 Years

Police Officer Charles O’Haver has retired from the Marion Police Department after fulfilling 20 years of service.

Charles O’Haver grew up in Sweetser, IN, and graduated from Oak Hill High School. After attending Vincennes University, then Ball State University, O’Haver worked in the landscaping business. He later applied for and was offered a job as a police officer with the Marion Police Department in 1997.

In addition to his duties as a patrol officer, he served one year as the school liaison for Marion High School. He served ten years on the Chaplaincy Board, five of them as president.

O’Haver said he really enjoyed his time “on the road” as a patrol officer. “It was where I wanted to be. I will miss it. When you do something for 20 years, there will be moments where you miss what you’re used to doing…whether it’s making someone’s day, or making someone’s year.”

O’Haver said he’ll also miss seeing his coworkers every morning. “Going out, I knew that no matter what happened, they would be there for me. There is a relationship and comradery in law enforcement that not every job has.”

Marion Police Chief Angela Haley said O’Haver will greatly be missed. “He’s one of those officers who if you send to a disturbance, he will diffuse the situation, get to the bottom of the problem, and be very positive and personable.”

O’Haver’s last official day with the Marion Police Department was Thursday, July 20th.

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