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Top Code Violations

  • High Weeds/Grass:
    Grass and weeds are to be maintained at a height of 9 inches of less at all times.
  • Abandoned/Inoperable Vehicles:
    A vehicle that is inoperable, wrecked, dismantled, not licensed, or in a state of disrepair is considered abandoned or inoperable. On private property you have 20 days to correct the violation and 3 days on public property.
  • Trash/Debris:
    Trash, garbage, junk, and furniture stored or left on the exterior of properties is considered a violation.
  • Solid Waste:
    Trash and trash receptacles may not be placed out prior to 7:00PM the day before collection.
  • Yard Waste:
    The accumulation of yard waste which includes grass clippings, leaves, dead plants and limbs is prohibited by City Ordinance.
  • Illegal Dumping:
    Unauthorized use of a dumpster, discarding trash and debris on another property or dumping left over building materials on private or public property.

Codes and Ordianaces

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